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          สล็อต ฝาก100ฟรี300

          Empowering learning and knowledge creation with digital technologies

          Innovations in digital technologies are transforming the possibilities and realities for learning, knowing, working and communicating. The creation, discovery and sharing of knowledge is undergoing a radical shift through the global-scale generation of information on the Internet, and the increasing prevalence of mobile, embedded and wearable technologies.

          Research at the Knowledge Lab draws on multi- and interdisciplinary perspectives and methodologies from across the Sciences, Social Sciences and Arts to investigate how digital technologies and digital information are transforming our learning, working and cultural lives. We collaborate with researchers, educationalists, schools, museums, businesses, and other public and private organisations nationally and internationally.

          Our research focus aligns with Birkbeck’s unique and longstanding mission to empower learners from diverse backgrounds to participate fully in higher education and in work by promoting equality of opportunity, social inclusion and a lively environment of enquiry and scientific discourse.

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